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Increase Your Visibility on Google, Facebook, Instagram & More!

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What we can do for you


Create a roadmap for growth by laying out your specific goals and target audience.


Build trust and credibility with our consistent and eye-catching design.


Create content that not only attracts new customers, but keeps them coming back.


Promote your products or services to remain visible and relevant to your clients.

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What makes us unique?

Exceptional service & communication.

We understand that every business, product, event, promotion - every client - is different. So why would we treat them all the same? With over 15 years of marketing experience, Catchy Marketing owner, Derrick Lizzotte, has the ability to create personalized marketing plans that increase brand awareness, customers, and revenue. From business cards to digital advertisements, your brand's message and image need to be clear, consistent, and CATCHY. That's where we come in.

Communicating via text or email is not always productive which is why we prefer to jump on a phone call or video chat. Click the link below to schedule a call today!

What people are saying...

Derrick is extremely knowledgeable and provided me with tremendous information and guidance.

Elizabeth, MA

Some of our happy clients

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